Every day, more than 250 new adult sites are introduced on the internet. Pornography itself has never been more widespread and popular than it is today. It is why you have so many adult websites already. Yet out of millions of them, some stand out above others. Three of the top best adult sites are Pornhub, XVideos and YouPorn. Part of their superiority among others is due to several reasons. First is the amount, quality and type of porno each has. You also have to consider how many daily visitors each site gets. Plus the total current value of the site. Lastly, the amount of money they earn.

So exactly which one out of these top three adult sites is the better one? Below are things to consider about each one. Additionally, what makes them unique or stand out among their competitors.

With more than 522 million unique visitors each month, there is no denying how popular this site is. Visitors spend more than 10 minutes each visit. Part of that is because the adult webpage has so much great free porn to enjoy. The site’s interface is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also makes navigation effortless. Clicking on the categories tab will instantly show the most popular on the site. You can also find them by the number of videos, alphabetical or trending.

To make Pornhub even more addicting, there are millions of pornographic videos and other material. It is a haven for finding free porno. The Live Cams, Community, Photos & GIFS are other useful tabs to enjoy. A few ads will come up once in a while which is expected. Still, it is hard not to love everything about this site.


Having more than 623 million visitors every month statistically makes Xvideos the #1 adult site. The home page gives you plenty to love about it. Up top, there are more than 20 genres in tags format. They allow you to see which are the most viewed. Plus, clicking on any of them will bring up thousands of porn videos related to that category. The ‘Trends’ and ‘Porn in your language’ feature are also a plus.

As far as pornographic material is concerned, you will never run out of content to watch. The video player’s size is quite enormous. Users will adore how quickly they load as well as their quality. The amount of views, comments and other info is available under each movie to give you more options. Adverts are few which is also why this adult site is one — if not — the best in the world.


The site’s useful tabs and great layout are only some of the things to love about it. You also have the high amount of free pornographic content offered. Each video gives users the option to download it, vote on it or add it to their list. We found the time it took for the porno movies to load to be one of the fastest. Also, the quality of the videos was superior to other sites.

YouPorn’s Live Sex, Premium HD, Live Cams and other tabs give visitors more smut options to choose from. An occasional ad when you pause the video will come up. But this is normal on most adult sites. In the end, it is hard to find negative things about this adult site.