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These Tools Can Help You Find Your Lost Devices

To locate SmartTags, Samsung phones, and Samsung Galaxy Buds, you can use the SmartThings app for Android (the tracking feature isn’t available in the SmartThings app for iOS). Choose SmartApps from the main app menu and you’ll see the SmartThings Find option, which shows your gadgets on a map and lets you force them to emit a sound.

Tap More options and you’ll see the older Samsung Find My Mobile service (which is also available on the web.) If you need to track down a Galaxy phone, you can remotely wipe it, remotely lock it, and remotely back it up from here.

For your Galaxy phones to show up, however, you need to turn on tracking in the options on the device. Open up Settings on your phone, then choose Biometrics and security—depending on the model of phone you’ve got, it might be labeled Lock screen and security or just Security. Then tap Find My Mobile and turn the feature on.

With Galaxy phones being Android phones, you can use the tracking service from either Samsung or Google to keep tabs on where your handsets are, or you can use them both together in tandem.

Tile and Others

Tile is one of the most well-known Bluetooth tracker brands.

Photograph: Tile

Besides the options we’ve already mentioned, there are a number of companies who will sell you trackers very much like the AirTags or the SmartTags—and many have been in the business of finding lost gadgets for much longer than Apple and Samsung have.

Perhaps the most prominent of these is Tile, which offers a variety of trackers of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities. The smallest trackers in the Tile range are small stickers that can attach to just about anything.

Through the Tile app for Android, iOS, or Windows, you can communicate with your Tile via Bluetooth, looking for your item’s last recorded location or getting the tracker to emit a sound. You can also press a Tile tracker to get your phone to ring if your handset is lost. If a Tile goes out of Bluetooth range, the app will anonymously and privately ping other Tile users to see if they spot it on their travels.

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