Top 10 Sex Events in the World

Sex is a great thing that in most cases, brings pleasure to those who participate in it. Since it brings smiles upon people’s faces, it’s no wonder many celebrate it. Overall, there are several events that take place all over the world celebrating sex or something related to it. The best or most popular ones are as follows:


This event takes place in two countries; Australia and South Africa. Performers engage in all facets of adult related entertainment. From female and male dancing, costplay, burlesque and pornography, the list goes on.

Kinky Copenhagen, Denmark –

Every year in the month of October, millions flock to this wild and crazy carnival. Sexual things that are normally done in locked rooms are brought out in the open for all to see. The key word of this event is kinky since that is exactly what goes down.

Erotica – London –

Many call this the biggest sex celebration in the entire planet. Annually, more than 100K individuals take part in this sex event.

Love Parade – Berlin, Germany –

What began as a festival to celebrate understanding and unity, has turned into a love fest. Each year in July, more than 1.6 million people flock to this dance sex fest. The horny, wild and sexy young adults dance and do all kinds of crazy acts.

Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant – Indiana, USA –

People who like showing their bodies will enjoy this celebration. Held in a nudist resort, pornstars and mainstream celebs join in on the fun.

Mardi Gras – New Orleans, USA –

No doubt you may have seen videos of girls gone wild participating at this event. Women love to show their body parts and much more during this February held event.

Folsom Street Fair – San Francisco, USA –

Those who love S&M are typically among the participants found here. Leather, sexual fetishes and other wild acts go down.

Kutemajrvi Sex Festival – Findland –

It may be hard to pronounce the name of this festival. But chances are you will enjoy it if you take part in it when July comes around. Dancing, parties and sexually related merchandise are all over.

Porn Festival – Indonesia –

This festivity takes place seven times annually. People make their way to a hill and once there, they have sex with a stranger.

Eroticon – Poland –

The four-day long celebration is all about sex info and erotic literature.

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